Our Latest Adventure
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Hitting the Road
Submitted By margery on 09/04/02
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Excitement is building every day as our plans for touring America in our bus are becoming a reality!
We are nearly finished with the custom bunk beds, and have the rest of the layout planned. Our animals are taken care of, and Ellen and Lilly are making excellent progress learning to play simple harmony on the accordion - we plan to support ourselves at least in part by performing as street musicians and wayside evangelists.
Everyone is looking forward to the adventure. We have been researching our family genealogy, and can't wait to meet all the relatives we never knew we had!
The Lord has truly blessed our family, and we look to His grace to support us in this wonderful new phase of our lives.
Coming Together...First Bunk Assembled!Second Bunk!
P.S. This was posted (with admirable results, I might add), as an April fool's joke - We aren't really that far gone yet... or are we?  The bus is for extra storage in the yard - hence the wonderful shelving Aubrey built.=)
Didn't you like the 'performing as street musicians and wayside evangelists' part, though?  
Perhaps some day...

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Re: Our Latest Adventure
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Posted 2009/04/02 - 5:44 GMT
The blog looks wonderful!  Can't wait to see more posts:)

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